The Back to the Track Project

The Back to the Track Project

It’s no secret that street racing is a problem. High powered vehicles racing through traffic is a danger to to the public, property, and the people participating in the racing. Like all problems the cause is relative to where you stand in the situation and each group wants different things. But also like all problems the right solution can give all involved what they want if we are willing to work towards a solution. 

The public wants safe streets free from un-necessary risky behavior, the racers want to show off and put to use the product of their passion and money. As of recently both have legitimate complaints. Our local track was unfortunately closed due to economic reasons and this left a void. The racers took to the streets and we are now seeing that result. 

    A track in its traditional form is an expensive thing to operate and maintain. The overhead is high and the property is expensive. Dozens of people are needed to maintain and operate a track in this form. This unfortunately leads to unprofitably and ultimately closure. 

    The answer to getting the racers off the street is to provide a facility within a  reasonable distance from the populated area, and is affordable enough that there is no reason for them not to utilize it. These racers don’t want to hurt anybody or get into trouble but currently their choices are very limited. This is where the BTT project and DragLinks Racing has developed a solution. 

    So how do you create a full service track at a minimal cost and overhead? Well it starts by minimizing infrastructure and operating costs. 

DragLinks Racing has developed a system that puts the operation of the track into the hands of the racers. From registration, to lining up the races, to track timing and time slips. It’s all in the palm of the racers hand. With the track function covered all that is left is the track itself. 

This is where the BTT project needs the help of the community, local industries, the municipalities, and the racers. With some asphalt, fencing, barricades and gravel. We can build and maintain a safe low budget facility that can be utilized for little or no cost that will keep the racing off the public streets.

The BTT project intends to works with the municipalities to come up with the designs, property, and funding to make these facilities become a reality. DragLinks Racing has committed to provide valuable advertising opportunities to businesses willing to help fund construction and maintenance of these facilities. With everyone working together we can all enjoy safer streets and good times Back at the Track.