Frequently asked questions

Is there an additional device I must buy to use DragLinks?

No and yes, DLR uses some 7th grade math and the intrinsic hardware already built into your smartphone. All that is needed is a secure, solid mount, able to hold your device upright on your dash. DLR also has the option to utilize external GPS devices for improved accuracy and consistency!

Does DLR track my location?

No, DLR uses GPS for distance and elevation reference only. The privacy and security of our users and their property is a top priority. By avoiding any location tracking DLR can ensure this security even in the event of a data breach. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

Is celular data required to use DragLinks?

Yes, most of DLR's functionality requires a network connection for use, though some features and asychronous challenges can be used offline.

Can DragLinks be used in any vehicle?

Yes! DLR can be used in any type of vehicle provided there is a secure device mount and the vehicle is being operated on private roads, off-road, or on a closed course.

Can I have multiple vehicles in my DragLnks Garage?

Yes, a single users garage can have multiple vehicles and will track performance statistics for each vehicle separately.

Can I challenge any user on the platform?

Yes, all users are available to be challenged but is contingent on being accepted by that user.

Can I keep my performance statistics private?

Yes, our privacy settings allow you to control who sees the information in your Garage.